Elgoog вот кому лень писать копируйте
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Elgoog вот кому лень писать копируйте

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elgooG — Rediscover Google Easter Eggs

The ultimate hangout for Google enthusiasts — We restore, unearth, and occasionally create interactive Google Easter eggs. Enjoy free online play!

Official Google Easter Eggs ①

— Killed by Google, restored by elgooG

Google Underwater Search

Plunge into the Underwater Search quest with Google.

Google Thanos Snap

Invoke the might of Thanos and snap your search results into a new reality.

Google Batman (Bruce Wayne, Gotham City, Bat-Signal) Easter Egg

Call upon Batman with the Bat-Signal to safeguard Gotham City!

Google Dinosaur Game Birthday Edition

Celebrate a decade of Chrome with the Birthday Edition Dinosaur Game, complete with a bot!


How Grogu from The Mandalorian uses the Force to control your search results.

Google Zerg Rush Game

Protect your search results from the onslaught of the Zerg Rush.

Atari Breakout Game

Engage in the timeless Atari Breakout Game through Google Images search results.


Discover the hidden Super Mario Bros. game within Google search.

Google Zipper

Unzip the colossal Zipper logo of Google and see what unfolds!

elgooG - Google Mirror

Experience the reversed world of elgooG, the mirror image of Google.com.

Google - Let It Snow

Let It Snow — Turn your screen into a snowy paradise with festive cheer.


Embark on the Wizard of Oz journey and see the magic when you click the Ruby Slippers.

Google Guitar Online

Strum your way through Google Guitar online. A nod to the bygone Adobe Flash Player era��

Official Google Easter Eggs ②

— Enhanced version or hacked, more fun!

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

Challenge Chrome’s Dinosaur Game with AI-powered assistance.

Google floating

Experience the serenity of objects in Floating Google‘s zero-gravity space.

Do a Barrel Roll

Prepare for amazement — simply command Google to «Do a Barrel Roll«.

Google Snake Game

For the Lunar New Year of the Snake, Google presented a special Snake Game on their homepage.

Google Pacman Game

Rekindle your nostalgia with the iconic Google Pac-Man Game.

Google in 1998

Take a stroll down memory lane with Google in 1998, an ode to the dawn of the internet.

Google Gravity

Experience the playful chaos of the Google Gravity illusion and watch as the logo and text whimsically tumble down!

Askew Google, Google Tilt

Experience Google from a skewed perspective with Google Tilt.

Chrome Dinosaur Game 3D

Encounter the Google Dinosaur Game in 3D, inspired by Chrome’s own Dino Game.

Unofficial Google Easter Eggs

— For the true Google aficionado!

Google Tetris Easter egg

Immerse yourself in the captivating Google Tetris experience, full-screen style!

Google Dark Mode

Switch to Google’s Dark Mode for an eye-friendly and energy-efficient browsing experience.

Google 2048 Game

Engage with the Google-themed 2048 Game, now with an AI/bot mode.

Google Space Invaders Game

Fight off alien invaders to protect Google in the Space Invaders Game.

Google Spring Style - Goooooooooooooooooogle

Experiment with Google Spring and enjoy the logo’s springy bounce!

əๅɓoo⅁ - Google Upside Down

Flip your viewpoint — experience əๅɓoo⅁, Google flipped on its head.

Google Matrix

The Google homepage undergoes a Matrix-style transformation!

A Real Google Fan

Are you a genuine Google enthusiast? Interact with a devoted Google FAN right here!

Google Search Mirror

elgooG Search — Experience Google search results in reverse.

Google Terminal in 1980s

Wander back in time with Google Terminal, imagining Google’s look in the 1980s.

About elgooG

Google’s Easter eggs are not just for show; they’re a treasure trove of gaming delights tucked away within the search engine. Sadly, many have been discontinued, earning the moniker «Killed by Google».

At @elgooG, we restore, unearth, and occasionally create Google Easter eggs. We’re your go-to source for the most thrilling Google Easter eggs, secret tricks, mini-games, hidden pranks, jokes, hacks, and more — always fresh until 2024 . Enjoy playing online, free of charge!

Please be aware that we are NOT officially associated with Google; our activities are purely for entertainment.

©2011- 2024 elgooG & Open Source Authors

By the Google Fans, for the Google Fans, with ♥


What is elgoog.im?

elgoog.im is a playful website that showcases various Google Easter eggs, which are fun hidden features or tricks within Google Search. This site also serves as a quirky mirror version of Google.com, with everything displayed in reverse. «elgooG» is «Google» spelled backwards, highlighting its mirrored nature.

The site restores or resurrects interactive Google Easter eggs that have been discontinued by Google. It’s your go-to hub for the coolest and most engaging Google Easter eggs, along with secret tricks, mini-games, and hidden jokes. Discover a world of fun with elgoog.im!

Dive into a whimsical exploration of Google Search in reverse and hunt for the myriad of hidden Google Easter eggs sprinkled across the web.

Please be aware that we are not affiliated with Google. Everything here is created purely for your entertainment.

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