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Tutor PRO

Tutor PRO

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ВИДЖЕТЫ и ИКОНКИ в моём Телефоне. Туториал
Pokemon GO Spoofing iOS NO VERIFICATION is BACK ✅ Pokemon GO Spoofer iOS FREE and NO PC in 2021

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Three Little Pigs: The Wolfs Story — LAZ Reader [Level O–second grade]
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Texts From Founding Fathers
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iPhone Basics

In this free tutorial, learn the basics of operating and getting the most out of the popular Apple iPhone.

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Tutor App is an interactive vocabulary learning tool which generates dynamic learning material.

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— Tutor App generates its own learning material based on world literature, considering the most common language textbooks. This means, it turns any content into a learning material.

— Tutor App turns into your teacher assistant to help you keep up with your offline lessons at school or language centre. It gives you feedback, reports on your progress and reminds you to finish the daily goal.

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— Tutor App is interactive. It communicates with you and gives you the feeling of having a 24/7 alive teacher by your side.

— Tutor App is funny. It entertains learners and enriches the training with funny jokes.

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